Resumen Paper






Adam Clements1, Rodrigo Herrera2  y Stan Hurn1.

1.Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
2.Universidad de Talca.


Participación en sesión: Recursos naturales y desarrollo local.



Air pollution and in particular, pm2:5 particulate matter is a significant issue in Santiago, the capital of Chile. This issue is exacerbated by its unique geographical location against the Andes mountain range located in the central valley of Chile. This paper utlilises network models developed to analyse linkages and systemic risk in the financial system to identify which geographical location across the city are most systemically important for explaining the behaviour of concentrations levels across the city. The most funding, apart from identifying these locations, is that they are not necessarily the areas that experience the highest average levels of concentration. In other word, the most polluted areas do not have the biggest impact on pollution levels across the city.

Keywords: Particulate matter; PM 2.5; Santiago; networks.