Resumen Paper






Felipe Morales1, Rocio Valdebenito2  y Esteban López3.

1. Universidad Adolfo   Ibáñez,
2. Universidad Adolfo   Ibáñez,
3. Universidad Adolfo   Ibáñez,



Local labor markets are a key component of regional development. In a large metro area is key to know how relaxed are space restrictions to commuting since this could make a difference to the goal of achieving a diversified job market with efficient job-worker matching. This paper makes use of the 2014 origin and destination (OD) survey for the Gran Valparaiso metropolitan area in Chile, in order to assess the level of connectivity between labor supply and demand. Drawing from different regional science theories, this paper estimates transportation demand models for different social strata as a first approach to identifying potential labor market rigidities in space and to motivate further research that would allow understanding the complexity of this phenomena.


Participación en sesión: Dinámicas regionales del mercado laboral.