Resumen Paper






Martin Arias1

1.Universidad Católica del Norte,


Participación en sesión: Recursos naturales y desarrollo local.



The natural resource rich countries and regions have been plugged into global production net- works, but despite their natural wealth, they have not successfully reached a sustainable develop- ment path. Orthodox economic theories have assummed positive externalities from FDI flows fail to capture this outcome. However, recent developments in the Economic Geography literature provide an analysis of uneven development in the guise of the Global Production Networks approach. This li- terature acknowledges the decisive role of power in producing a strategic coupling between the host region/country interests and the extractive multinational enterprises, something crucial in the extrac- tive industries. This research focuses on the mining industry, as a way to better understanding the relationship between the extractive industry and sustainable development of host regions. For this, it uses the Chilean copper mining as a case study.