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Miguel Atienza1, Marcelo Lufin2 y Juan Soto3.

1.Universidad Católica del Norte,
2.Universidad Católica del Norte,


Participación en sesión: Recursos naturales y desarrollo local.



The geographical expansion and increasing complexity of extractive production networks imply that the effect of mining linkages on economic development is unevenly distributed across space wit- hin countries. This article expands and complements the linkages-based approach with the Global Production Network (GPN) framework to understand from a multi-scalar perspective the uneven de- velopment patterns that could arise within a country related to the mining activity. For this purpose, we analyze the territorial embeddedness of mining industry in the Chilean regions using information from input-output tables between 1995 and 2011 and a sample of almost 4,000 mining services sup- pliers. Results show that mining industry is weakly embedded in Chilean mining regions something that strongly constrains their possibility of promoting high quality linkages and achieving sustainable economic development.